T here are many gaming studios out their which have produced some of the most remarkable games throughout the ages. However very few people know that merely making the game is not sufficient rather a proper marking plan is also required for the improvement of sales. The marketing trends are changing and these changing trends have a serious impact on the gaming industry as well. Through this article I will share with you some of the new marketing rules with respect to the gaming industry and if you are an owner of a gaming studio or if you plan to open a studio, then these rules will surely help you a lot.

Enhance your reach

The rule number #1 for you is that you need to enhance your reach in other words you need to be everywhere. Gone are the days when a gaming stall would do the trick for you, rather on the contrary today we live in the age of technology and smartphones where people even purchase games online. To know your audience more you need to use all the digital channels available today.

Go for online Advertising

Today we live in the time of digital marketing where even big companies are advertising themselves through social media forums and other such platforms. Through effective online strategy you can advertise yourself through online channels. The mode of advertising is totally upto you. If you wish you can launch a video online, through SEM strategy you can also fix banners related to your game on different websites of the world.

Content Marketing

Hire a bunch of professional content writers, who can write gaming blogs at different forums on the internet. People nowadays do read these blogs with great interest. Try to add valuable information about the game developed by you in these blogs. It is better that you should explain a little about the game play as well along with the story line.

Gather rich Data

Today knowing the needs and wants of potential customers is not a difficult thing at all. You can hire a research agency and get rich data about what about what kind of game your target audience really wants. Based on this valuable information you can plan your future games. Information like this really decreases the chances of losses as you produce what people actually want.

Try to spread the word

Public opinions or word of mouth are also a source of marketing. People do discuss the games played by them and do voice their opinions on different forums. These opinions keep the games on top of people’s mind. It is recommended that as a gaming studio you should try to promote such kind of talks especially through social media platforms.

Execute the right strategy

Every game developed by you may require a different strategy altogether. Game marketing is not a piece of cake and you need to chalk out a proper launching strategy for yourself keeping into consideration all the major aspects of marketing. Your future sales are very much dependent upon your marketing tactics.

Short Term and Long term

You have to make a wise choice with regards to whether you need to go for short term promotions or long term promotions. Some games such as FIFA or Call of Duty may require promotion right from the development of the game till its launching or even beyond on the contrary some games may require short term marketing or a guerrilla approach.

Stand Out

Video games are an accepted form of entertainment nowadays and the competition related to consumer spending has enhanced seriously. Today there is no guarantee as far as cut through is concerned. As a gaming studio you need to enhance your awareness level with respect to what else is going on in the market. You need to look at the big picture to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

These were some of the rules that must be kept in mind by you as a gaming studio. I have mentioned the rules specific to gaming industry here however there are some other basics to marketing that cannot be ignored. Learn marketing basics, by checking out this one by WikiHow.