E ntertainment is something that we always desire, in the 21st century entertainment is directly linked to videos games as for most people playing video games is the best source of entertainment. The video game industry has come a long way from where it began, in the beginning all games were mostly side scrollers and arcade style games. However, nowadays the trend has changed massively and games are much more detailed and tend to follow a story line. There are many benefits and disadvantages that are associated with gaming. However, the bottom-line is that it is the best source of entertainment.

According to research, gamers can physically and mentally exercise by playing different kinds of video games. When a person plays a game, then he must be attentive and quick to react. All of this affects the brain positively, this is the reason why most gamers are quick thinkers. If a person plays strategy games then it too affects the mind as it makes the gamer clever. When a person plays such games then they must concentrate and have critical thinking. All of these things are also required in life and a gamer can do it with ease.

There are some games like dance dance revolution that help people to do physical exercise. This is because, such games require the player to press a certainly combination of buttons and also move their body. Believe it or not, video games are also a main source of learning, there are some games that are based on historical events and they can teach the player a fair bit of history. Some games also use the best standard of English and therefore they allow the user to learn some better words as well.

There are some games that also encourage social life as they allow players to play the same game in the same room. Games like FIFA allow this and they allow the players to play online with other friends. Many people believe that games destroy social life, but this really not the case as many games encourage it.

Video games are a wonderful source of entertainment and the video game industry is moving forward at a very fast pace. New and better games are released every day and that is what motivated gamers to keep on gaming every day. The games nowadays are just great and every one should play them.

These were some things that you should know about games and why they are the ultimate source of entertainment. In the 21st century many of the people are gamers and they seem to enjoy it a lot, gaming should be encouraged among households as it teaches the players a lot of things. The video game industry is one of the greatest and most profitable industries of the world. There are many video game industries in the world that are making some of the best games of this decade and that is what is allowing the industry to move forward.