Gaming Studios Of Yesteryears That Seriously Need To Make A Comeback

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Gaming studios continue to thrive every year. For video game lovers, nothing is as captivating and exciting as playing a thrilling game. Gaming lovers look forward to new studios in the market to add to their collection of favorite games to play. However, some feel that some gaming studios of yesteryears had more action and better thrill than most of the ones in the market today.

Below is a look at some of the gaming studios of yesteryears that should make a comeback.

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Banjo Kazooie

Created in 2008 by rare, banjo Kazooie was a game of puzzles. Nintendo and rare owned the studio that produced the banjo Kazooie puzzle game back then. The game, which won international acclaim for its thrilling, puzzles and based on the main character by the name Banjo, ended its run abruptly about a decade ago. Very few gaming studios have come up with a match for the original banjo Kazooie. Past lovers of the game feel that it should be among the games to make a comeback.


Speed and crazy racing was all the talk for gaming lovers in the yesteryears. One such gaming studio that brought such experience was criterions burnout. Last released in 2008, it is no longer in the gaming studios. The burnout series 1 and 2 mainly focused on speed and destruction. Takedowns and crashes are what made the series popular with the gamers. They feel that todays speed gaming studios lack the thrill that burnout brought on their screens. The need for speed and dangerous racing should make a comeback and get the adrenaline running wild again.

Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark, a production of Nintendo Studios is another thrilling game that people feel should make a comeback. Based on an antagonist by the name Joanna Dark, the game’s theme was around the bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies. It allowed multiple players where one player would take the mode of the antagonist Joanna whilst the other players took charge of the enemies that Joanna brought down or fought.


Created by Psygnosis and released in the year 2000, Rollcage was a thrilling gaming series that focused on racing. It allowed players to carry out frantic racing on all parts of a room from the walls to the ceilings without caring about the force of gravity. In order to win the races, gamers used everything possible from weapons and other skills. The soundtrack of the gaming video was by Fatboy Slim, which fitted well with the ambience of the game. What made the game even more popular was that it allowed multiple players.

A comeback of the gaming started in 2015 but due to lack of funding, it stopped. Lovers of the game feel that the gaming studio came to an abrupt end before there was an addition titles to the game. This popular and very thrilling gaming studio should definitely be on the list of comebacks.

Syphon Filter

Syphon Filter ran for a period of eight years with six series. The game, based on the story of Gabe Logan was both captivating and exciting to play. When the game ended about a decade ago, Logan was a shadow, which too died or assumed dead with the gene. The producers made no effort to explain the sudden death of the game and no efforts to revive the game has seen the light of day. Lovers of horror stories feel that this game should make a comeback.


Produced by studio Liverpool and released in 2002, wipeout 2048, came to an abrupt end in 2012. It was a racing gaming video with captivating soundtracks and a different outlook on racing. It mainly focused on futuristic racing antics and the reception for the video was widespread across the globe.

Many of the racing gaming studios of today lack the ingenuity and excitement that the wipeout series of games had to offer. Today, racing games focus more on realism, which to some is boring, compared to the futuristic features of the Wipeout series racing games. After the collapse of the original Wipeout series, other Wipeout Fusion game videos came into the market but did not do as well as the original ones. Lovers of the original wipeout feel that it needs to make a comeback because gamers need the chaotic destruction and disturbance it caused.

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