Gaming Development: No Shortage of Flops

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T he gaming industry is getting bigger and better everyday, new games are released every month so that gamers can enjoy what they love most all the time. Developing a great game is no easy task, many of the popular game franchise today started from nowhere. Games like Call of Duty, Assassins Creed and more were once risky investment and developers were unsure about their future, however these investments proved to be fruitful and turned into multi-million dollar franchises. However, this is not always the case because sometimes investments seem to backfire when the game that has been developed is not good. Here you will find some of the most disliked games of all time.

The Tony Hawk series by Activision is a popular franchise, but the failure of Tony Hawk: Ride left the company in problems. Now, you would think that because of the failure of the last game, the next game released by Activision would be better. Unfortunately, this was not the case, Tony Hawk: Shred was released in 2010, just like the last game Tony Hawk: Shred used a motion sensitive skateboard controller which was an absolute rubbish. Although it had a few improvements, but overall the game was unplayable.


Okami was a game that had everything, it had a different style and great visuals. Everything about Okami seemed to be different . It won numerous awards and should have been a hit. Unfortunately for Okami, the game was not able to gain attention by many gamers, it sold less than 300,000 copies in North America and only 100,000 copies in Japan. There is no proper reason for justifying the low sales of Okami but most experts claim that the game came out at the wrong time.

Rise of the Robots

The 90s kids will remember playing all sorts of fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and more. During these years, this particular gaming genre had gained a lot of attention therefore other developers also wanted to make their mark. One game that was released was Rise of the Robots. It was supposed to be a fighting game but was horrible in every way. The developers of the game promised many things to the fans including mind blowing graphics and a better AI system. However, they were unable to deliver anything.


APB or All Points Bulletin was a game that can be conceived as a sort of cops and robbers MMO. The developers had high hopes for the game and thought that this game would help in the future of multiplayer gaming. However, APB turned out to be one of the worst games, it had been in development for so many years but still it seemed that it was released way too early.

These were some of the worst games that the world has seen till date. Flop games are always released but developers should not get demotivated by it, instead they should try to make their next game better.

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