NVIDIA: The Evolution Of Gaming Engine

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When it comes to gaming industry, the immense contribution and the soaring success of NVIDIA is undeniable. It has remained one of the towering players in the gaming industry since its inception in 1993. It is renowned for designing GPU or Graphic Processing Units that converts a lot of codes into video games. The future of gaming industry is rapidly changing. And NVIDIA is one of the major game changers.

Encoding: Lil Humpers

When it comes to encoding videos a lot could be said about the CPU vs. GPU. Based on example of Lil Humpers series we can say that NVIDIA is finally taking a proper approach to save developers lots of time.

Lil Humpers – Young VS. Mature

Lil Humpers is Reality Kings exclusive series featuring young males put against experienced mature women in twisted reality kind of adult videos. Youth and freshness versus years of experience in the industry. We are not sure who’s going to end up being a winner here!


It was in 1996 when NVIDIA first revealed its Microsoft DirectX Drivers with support for Direct3D. This was followed by the landmark launch of RIVA 128. Almost 1 million units were shipped within four months.             Then over the years, it kept climbing such ladders of success. In 2003, Stanford Graduate School of Business labelled NVIDIA as the entrepreneurial company of the year.

Paradigm Shift 

With the boom and explosion of smartphones, the landscape of gaming industry started changing. Along with personal computers and laptops, mobiles became an extremely lucrative platform to launch new games. However, NVIDIA was quick to adapt to the change. It introduced new hardware in the markets.            


The Project Shield is a system in itself – Nvidia hardware – that enabled you to play AAA games like Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, and he Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

Over the time, Nvidia kept upgrading the software to meet the updated standards of the gaming industry. It brought out Console Mode for hooking shield to a TV and to advance the personal computer streaming abilities. Soon, the company that started out providing raw materials for game development to the developers became a developer himself.

Mobile Gaming

Apple iOS and Android brought in a flurry of mobile games. Nvidia had only developed games that were only compatible on personal computer and laptops. However, to stay relevant in the market, it was high time that Nvidia play to the rules of mobile gaming.

So, Nvidia decided to continue its endeavour in creating games for laptops and personal computers, and simultaneously, grow into the mobile zone. Its efforts resulted in creating games like portal and Half-life 2.

According to Bill Rehblock, the general manager of mobile games, “I think that PC gaming — and equally important, gaming on platforms like Android — need somebody to be a more vocal shepherd of the platform. And we need to be out there as a more vocal steward, talking about PC gaming.”

Mark Smith, who manages technological evangelism in North America, says: “I think that there are a lot of proponents who think that mobile is a only a casual-only sort of gaming experience. It’s a big part of Shield for us: to show people that, with controls and a great GPU and CPU in the device, you can have a premiere experience like Portal.”

The Road Ahead – Reckoning The Power Of Artificial Intelligence

Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence has steadily steeped into the gaming industry – and not only in gaming, artificial intelligence is also the next big thing in most fields. Nvidia has recently joined the bandwagon.

It has published a research that shows the probability of combining AI-generated visuals with traditional game engine. According to Bryan Catanzaro, Nvidia’s vice president of applied deep learning, “It’s a new way to render video content using deep learning. Obviously Nvidia cares a lot about generating graphics [and] we’re thinking about how AI is going to revolutionize the field.”

Nvidia’s contribution to the gaming industry is remarkable. With a defining history and promising future, Nvidia will continue to be one of the key players in the evolution of game and gaming engine.

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