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A s game enthusiasts, we usually play a game, enjoy it and then subsequently recommend to people in our social circle. All we remember is the name of the game and its publisher. We hardly think for a second how much time and effort must have been spent in the development of these games. The Gaming studios are the ones which are responsible for the development of these games. There are many gaming studios that have made games throughout the ages. Some of these studios are defunct now and those well versed with gaming dynamics belief that these studios should make a comeback. In this article I will share some studios which I think should make a comeback as the talent and skills these studios had during those days was phenomenal and with modern technology they can produce some of the best games even today.

The Gaming Studios that should make a come back

Now let’s see some studios whose come back can really create a great impact in the gaming world. Some of these studios are as follows.

Papyrus Design Group, Inc

Papyrus Design Group, Inc was a big name in the gaming world and is primarily renowned for its computer games developed and marketed during the year 1987. The studio was renowned for its racing games that were based on IndyCar league and NASCAR. Some well-known games produced by the company are: IndyCar Racing, Grand Prix Legends and NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition.


GameTek was a well-known gaming studio that had its origin in Florida. The studio was precisely located on the North Miami Beach. The studio was well received for its production of game show video games like Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Both these games were produced in 1990’s and were the blockbusters of their time.

3d6 Games

The 3d6 Games studio was developed in the year 1999. The studio is known for its development of titles exclusively for GBA and GBC. The studio has produced some of the most memorable games which include names like Tetris Worlds – GBA, The Revenge of Shinobi and Road Rash.

7th Level

7th Level operated back in the 90’s. The company was highly regarded for its Monty Python Games such as Battle Beast, Tracer and G-Nome. The 7th Level studio does not operate anymore however based on what it offered in the 90’s it surely was one wonderful gaming studio.

The above mentioned gaming studios will always be missed. They produced some of the most classical story lines and features at the time when technology was limited and game making was not an easy job at all. Though there is no news with regards to these mentioned studios making any comeback however there are some gaming studios other than these which are coming back. To know more about these gaming studios, check out this one by Shacknews.

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