Revival of Old Video Games: A Nostalgic Move

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v ideo games are a source of unstoppable entertainment and there is no denying as far as this fact is concerned. Gaming Industry has boomed for centuries and despite of the fact that a lot of criticism has been made on video gaming and its potential health hazards it seems that nothing has changed. In every 2-4 years we get exposed to different gaming consoles developed by some of the most reputable companies of our time.

The frequency of games has also not changed much and there is a constant influx of games in the market each passing day. I surely cannot say that the new games are not good however what I can say is that sometimes we do miss old games, the games which we used to play back in our teenage days.

The concept of reviving the old games is known as Nostalgia and one company which really stands out in this regard is “Retro”. The company has revived many old games of the past and most of these games can be played today on Nintendo.

The Games that have been revived

Now let’s see some of the games that have been revived in the recent past and which are now being played by everyone. These reputable games have been discussed in the headings below.

Double Fine Adventure

Double Fine Adventure is more of a point and click adventure game that has been developed by Tim Schafer. Schafer also has the privilege of producing some of the best games of the 1990’s which include popular names like Full Throttle, The Secret of Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. Initially Schafer was unable to find a contractor who could help him finance the project however he finally got the green signal from Kickstarter.

Leisure Suit Larry

Back in the days of 1980’s, the majority of video games were developed for kids, however even in those days one franchise which focused on adult gaming was Sierra On Line. The game produced by the franchise at that time was Leisure Suit Larry. The game became so popular those days that six different parts were produced for it back then. The last of the game was produced back in the year 1996.

The game has been revived recently and with updated graphics, interface and features has been produced by the name of Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: Reloaded. The Game is available on PC as well which surely is a plus point for game lovers.

Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun was more of a pen and per role playing game that was produced back in the year 1988. The Game though was not as well received by the audience those days as compared to some of the other games of that time however still it was good enough to be revived. The game has been produced again allowing the players to develop their own Shadowrun Adventures via effective utilization of integrated game editor.

Wasteland 2

The game Wasteland was developed back in 1988. The game was renowned for its sense of humor and also branching narrative (branching narrative means that decisions made earlier has an impact on the storyline of the game later on).

The creator of the game was Fargo. Fargo wanted to develop a sequel of the game for quite some time however he did not want to change the overall gameplay of wasteland. Most of the modern publishers did not accept his terms and conditions which delayed the project for quite long. Finally kickstarter agreed to fund him for the project and the game was eventually made and launched in the market by the name of Wasteland 2.

Though new games are being produced every now and then, however there is also a trend of reviving the old games in the gaming industry. The above mentioned games are the proof of this fact. You do not need to get surprised if you find more such revivals in the future as many legendary game developers are making a comeback. To know more about these game developers check this one by Shacknews.

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